Lichen Hair Shampoo Color (Black & Brown)

Importance of Lichen Hair Color Shampoo in 5-mints black your hair and remains up to 4 weeks.Strengthen and boorish the hair and hair root.Give the Hair a Darker with a silky and shiny look.

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Do you also have white hair? Are you fed up by using different hair colors and wasting your too much time on them? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it is time to bring a change. Let’s give a chance to this Lichen Hair Color Shampoo and say goodbye to all your white hair problems.

For using hair color, you don’t have to mix different substances and it also doesn’t take too much time. In the end, the results are not confirmed, and damage to the hairs is another important concern. Lichen International Research Center has launched its new hair care product, “Lichen Hair Color Shampoo.” Now you can give a nourishment treatment to your hairs. Vitamin B5 of this hair color shampoo will not only restore the damage of your hair but also strengthen and boorish the hair roots. This hair color shampoo only takes 5 minutes, and you don’t have to mix multiple things. Just use it as a regular shampoo and enjoy silkier and darker shades of your hairs.

Ingredients in Lichen Hair Color Shampoo
Flee Flower Roots
Ganoderma Lucidum
Radix Linderae
How to use Lichen Hair Color Shampoo?

The desirable results of any product will drive when you use it accurately. Here are some essential steps that you should keep in mind for using Lichen Hair Color Shampoo.

For the safety of your hair, put gloves on your hands.
For better results, wet your hairs thoroughly. Make sure not a single hair strand and shaft is dry. This point is necessary for making the shampoo foam on your hair.
Take little shampoo on your hand and massage it on your hairs with light hands.
Apply the shampoo only for 5 minutes
After it, rinse your hairs completely with water
Precautions to Keep In Mind

There are some important precautionary measures that you should keep in mind for using this hair color shampoo.

It is for external use only.
Avoid touching your eyes with still shampoo on your hands
If contact with eyes occurs, rinse it thoroughly with water
Don’t leave the shampoo on your hairs for more than 5 minutes
Before using this product, do skin allergy test


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