Ever Brite Motion Activated alternative energy out of doors junctions

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Ever Brite Motion Activated alternative energy out of doors junction rectifier light-weight
Ever Brite super bright alternative energy structure light-weight, sticks to nearly any surface and works nearly anyplace round the house. Peel & stick on brick, stucco, shingles, siding, plastic, metal, wood, glass and more!. Ever Brite solar-charged security lights ar the last word in peace-of-mind lighting. With no batteries to alter, no switches to fret regarding and no prices to think about. It’s the sunshine that you just don’t ought to watch out of, simply let it watch out of you!

Ever Brite takes care of everything!
Night lights ar a true profit to anybody UN agency has dark areas outside their property. returning home in the dark, obtaining the key within the lock, gap a garage or garden shed, of these things wrestle a unique urgency within the dark as a result of you are feeling vulnerable. Having a light-weight there’s nice, however you don’t wish one thing that needs you to change it on and, a lot of significantly, keep in mind to change it off once more. putting in permanent lighting is pricey and intrusive with drilling and electrical connections inflicting heaps of grief and golf shot a dent in your savings.

Lithium-ion battery charged by solar power for up to twelve hours of sunshine
Motion sensing element detects your approach from twelve foot away
Easy installation, no screws or cables
Solar charging suggests that no prices when it’s put in and no batteries to alter
Sticks to most external surfaces
Low-level light-weight instantly becomes brighter and so dims as you permit
Charged through the day
Ever Brite takes care of everything! Ever Brite is that the good solution! It’s the last word in peace-of-mind security lights as a result of, once you’ve fitted it by simply peeling the rear off and protrusive it where you wish light-weight, you ne’er need to bit it once more.

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