Car Air Humidifier with USB Changer Portable Mini Ultrasonic Air Fresher

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Car Air Humidifier with USB Changer

Car Air Humidifier with USB Changer Portable Mini Ultrasonic Air Fresher. Auto Humidifier in Pakistan Relief from dry air,cold,flu,cracked skin in the winter and icy weather.The auto humidifier acts as both air humidifier and fragrance diffuses.The charming smell will lift your mood,relieve pressure and uneasiness thus on.Simply connect the Car Humidifier to your auto’s cigarette lighter,100ml water and it works.

Car Humidifier Cautions
1. The product is protected by the auto power-off function. After continuously working for 2 hours,It will cut off the power automatically.To use the humidifier again, please turn on after adding more water.

2. Purified water is recommended.When the mist becomes thinner, please replace the sponge. Use regularly a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the scale on the surface of the atomizing plate. Try not to utilize over the top force,since that may harm the atomizing plate.

3. Water soluble essential oils are preferable. Please DO NOT use greasy aroma oils.

How to Use
1.Counterclockwise turn on the product water tank

2. Pour the amount of water

3. Add the right amount of essential oils if need

4. Clockwise tightening product water tank

5. Insert car cigarette port

6. Touch car humidifier touch switch—>6.1 One time touch, blue lights, humidification mode —>6.2 Two times touch, blue and red lights aromatherapy mode —>6.3 Three times touch, red lights, shutdown state

*Working Voltage: DC 12V *WorkingCurrent: 130mA-150mA *Power: 1.5W-2W *Water tank capacity: 50ML*Spray Volume: 25mL/H*Product Size: 2.2 * 2.2 * 6.5inch

Buy Car Humidifier in Pakistan
Buy Car Humidifier in Pakistan at Just place your order online or call / whatsapp at 03367772215. we provide cash on delivery by tcs, lcs etc
We will deliver Car Humidifier at your door step within 2 to 3 days anywhere in Pakistan.

4 in 1: Car Humidifier + Car Aroma Diffuser + Car Charger+Air Purify ,Your vehicle need it.

180 degree rotation to make full humidification with no leakage. Simply plug the humidifier into your car’s cigarette lighter,50ml water and it works.

Ultrasonic Atomization Technology: 113KHz Frequency makes water into 6um super small drops,and make More uniform diffusion of essential oils.

EASY TO USE: Standard Car Charger Interface, just plug directly into the 12v cigarette outlet. Humidifier Water Tank Could be 180-Degree Rotation with No Leakage.

25ml Humidifying Capacity per Hour, it’s Enough to Change the Car Microenvironment and Meet Your Needs. The 2-hour Automatic Shut-off Prevents Potential Harm from Running without water.

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